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Medical Supplies

Medical Supplies

Using the qBiq to monitoring a door opening is easy and fast. Wether it's securing a storage locker or monitoring a door of a locked cabinet you can get a notification quickly and easy by configuring it for this purpose! Also it's just as easy to set the ideal temperature or humidity for storing certain medicines and be notified if preset thresholds are reached or passed.

** It's also very important to note that many creams and ointments should be kept at the correct temperature at all times to prevent chemicals or compounds from separating in the tube or bottle. 

medication that should be stored at room temperature means between 15 to 25 degrees Celsius; cool temperature means between 8 to 15 degrees Celsius; refrigeration means between 2 to 8 degrees Celsius; and freezing temperaturemeans -10 to -25 degrees Celsius.Get a notification quickly and easy by configuring it for this purpose!



Core Settings

Notifications 15 Minutes
Report Interval 6 Hours
Samples Per Report 1

Temperature Settings

Fahrenheit (Your Choice)
High Limit 24 Degrees Celsius
Low Limit 5 Degrees Celsius

How to Configure

Firstly, go to "Configurations" from the "Settings" Mode of your qBiq view. From here, choose "Movement".

Core Configuration
Every 15 minutes, so you don't get aggravated during one opening and shutting of the door.
Report Interval: Report every 6 hours, to minimize battery usage. Your qBiq should last a month or so this way.
Samples per Report: Feel free to sample the temperature or brightness while you are at it.

From there, choose these simple settings to monitor a door;

Movement Configuration
Blink When Moved: It's nice to see the qBiq blink when you open the door.
Level: .06g picks up a very slow door open, but not wind or air pressure from the door movement (depending on the door). 
Counter Threshold: If it moves even once, report.
Report Delay: Every time you open a door - you usually shut it again. Ergo, most movements will require at least two movements. If you believe you might take longer than ten seconds to make it through the door, give yourself some extra time!

With these settings, you'll get a notification every time someone opens your door.

Every time you give your qBiq a shake, it will update itself.