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Below are standard questions we have been asked about the qBiq - feel free to ask us anything through email at info@ubiqweus.com if your questions aren't answered.

How does qBiq connect with the internet?

qBiq is a standalone WiFi connected sensor. Unlike many of the competing products on the market, qBiq does not require a hub or base station because it has the ability to connect directly to your local WiFi network via your WiFi router. 

How do I access my qBiq?

How do I attach qbiq to objects or walls?

Will qBiq work in fridges/freezers?

What are the temperature ranges of the sensors?

Is qBiq waterproof?

Do I need more than one sensor?

Can qBiq control what my other smart home devices?

Is a smartphone required?

How accurate is qBiq?

Can I export historical data?

How quickly will alerts be sent?

Can I alert multiple contacts?

Can I track my order?

Can I customize alerts?

What are your shipping rates?

When will my order ship?

Do you ship to worldwide?

Where do you ship to?