qBiq: The Art of Social Sensing™

qBiq is the easiest and most engaging way to monitor the things you care about most. Together with its beautifully designed and easy to use app, qBiq enables you to monitor, share and set custom notifications based on changes in environmental data in your home or office. This all in one sensor allows you to monitor changes in temperature, humidity, brightness and movement. The small one inch design makes it the most elegant but practical WiFi connected sensor on the market today.

  • Temperature

    Monitor and compare temperature data from room to room and set thresholds to be notified when changes occur.

  • Movement

    Attach qBiq to just about any object and receive a customized notification if the object is moved.

  • Humidity

    Maintaining the ideal humidity when storing instruments, cigars or other delicate possessions is easy with qBiq. 

  • Brightness

    Set a notification when a cupboard or drawer is opened or even monitor what time sunrise is.

Anatomy of a qBiq App

From within our App, you can visual and monitor vast amounts of data quickly and easily. With an easy to use and practical interface, you can quickly shift between different data views, edit and control, monitor and connect with others.

  • qBiq - World-Class App

    The qBiq App is free to download from the App Store and makes it very easy to monitor, compare and share data on your phone or with others who are interested in the data. Check out some great ways people are using qBiq on our configurations page.

  • Easy to use!

    The app makes it easy to configure and monitor a single or multiple qBiqs and allows you to manage them from practically anywhere in the world. Set personal threshold limits and be notified when the threshold  is reached. 

  • Notifications - anytime and anywhere.

    Get important alerts when that special someone gets home safe or when the temperature reaches unsafe conditions. The qBiq app makes it easy for you to customize your personal alert settings.

  • Drag and Drop Grouping

    Group your favourite qBiqs together to compare data easily. You can even group your own qBiq with others that have been shared with you. Change the colour of your qBiq to see the contrast in data with just a glance.

  • Customized Alerts

    Easily configured alerts to multiple followers allow you to communicate without speaking.

  • Easy Data
 Grouping in Seconds

    It is easy and quick to compare the data between qBiqs by simply dragging one data set onto the other. Groups can then be easily compared and shared with your friends or loved ones.

  • Follow qBiqs on a Map

    Open up your qBiq to be followed on a map, where others can follow your data easily. Or, share your qBiqs privately with your family and let them easily find where the data is coming from. 

  • Integrated Genius

    Use the built-in recipe generator to set complex rules to determine how the qBiq will interact with data. Specify complex situations resulting in alerts, or count and share data in specific and useful ways.

  • Augmented Reality

    Find multiple qBiqs in a room and monitor data in real time. AR makes it easy to instantly spot check the data on the fly or find a qBiq that may be running low on power by doing an instant status check.

  • Customizable LEDs

    qBiqs can be assigned a custom colour - which allows for easy recognition from the two full-spectrum RGB LEDs - located along the top and bottom edge - ensuring you don't mix them up.

  • Secured & Safe

    If you choose not to share your data, easily and quickly lock your data from being seen by others. Protecting your information is easy and instant.

  • Smart and Energy Efficient

    The qBiq spends most of its time asleep, allowing for months of use off a small cell-phone battery.

  • Developer Friendly

    Developers can use our open API to integrate the data stream directly to their own server or piggy-back off our elastic cloud platform. For this option, contact us directly for more information.