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Using the qBiq to monitoring the temperature or humidity in your green house or growing area is easy with qBiq. qBiq also make it very easy to share your data and compare your plant data with other plant growers. 

qBiqs have a contextual chat feature built in which is also a great feature when you are following or comparing other peoples plant conditions who have an interest in the same kind of plants. qBiq can help you to keep your levels at perfection no matter what type of plant you are growing.

For example according to some experts, they say when growing Cannabis, the following conditions should be followed as closely as possible. 


First, define what humidity and temperature control actually means when growing cannabis. It makes sense to divide the life of cannabis plants into 4 different stages in which humidity levels, and temperatures, should be adjusted to ensure healthy growth. Don’t think that humidity and temperature control is complicated and not worth it! It’s generally very easy, and more about keeping parameters within a certain range, and as constant as possible. Thankfully qBiq makes it very simple to do just that.

1. Seedling Stage
  • Seedlings and clones like high humidity levels of 65-70%
  • Reason: The root system is not established
  • High humidity levels allow water intake through leaves
  • Temperatures with lights on: 20-25 C° (lights off: 4-5 C° lower)
2. Vegetation Period
  • Humidity levels can be lowered by 5% each week (acceptable range: 40-70%)
  • Temperatures can be increased a little bit (no obligation)
  • Reason: Roots absorb more water; evaporation through leaves cools plant(s)
  • Temperatures with lights on: 22-28 C° (lights off: 4-5 C° lower)
3. Flowering Period
  • Humidity levels need to be lowered to 40-50% (extremely important)
  • You can get away with 55% (anything over 60% is real bad)
  • It’s best to slightly lower temperatures in flowering
  • Temperatures with lights on: 20-26 C° (avoid high temperatures)
4. Late flowering (1-2 weeks before harvest)
  • The following steps are no necessity, but can improve yield, flavour and appearance
  • Bring down humidity levels as much as you can: 30-40%
  • Lower daytime temperatures, and also increase the temperature difference (day/night)
  • Temperatures with lights on: 18-24 °C (lights off: minus 5-10 C°)

Core Settings

Notifications 15 Minutes
Report Interval 6 Hours
Samples Per Report 1

Temperature Settings

Fahrenheit (Your Choice)
High Limit 25 Degrees Celsius
Low Limit 20 Degrees Celsius


Humidity Settings

High Limit 70 %

Low Limit65 %

How to Configure

Firstly, go to "Configurations" from the "Settings" Mode of your qBiq view. From here, choose "Movement". We suggest turning movement off for this purpose because it will save battery.

Core Configuration
Every 4 hours, so you don't get aggravated but it will give you a periodic reminder that the levels are outside your preferred settings.
Report Interval: Report every 6 hours, to minimize battery usage. Your qBiq should last a couple of months before needing a recharge if its set this way.
Samples per Report: Feel free to sample the brightness while you are at it.

From there, choose these simple settings to monitor a door;

Movement Configuration
We suggest turning movement off, that is of course unless you want to monitor a door or a lock where the plants are stored. Movement would help with securing them by allowing you to get a notification if they are tampered with.

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