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Art Supplies

Art Supplies

The ideal humidity to store artwork is 40-50% with a temperature between 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit (21-24 degrees Celsius). This is easily achieved with a humidifier. Severe climates can cause cracked paint, warping, yellowing of paper, and mold growth.

Set the ideal temperature and humidity for your precious art or even your art supplies. Get a notification quickly and easy by configuring it for this purpose!

Core Settings

Notifications 4 Hours
Report Interval 6 Hours
Samples Per Report 1

Temperature Settings

Fahrenheit (Your Choice)
High Limit 24 Degrees Celsius
Low Limit 21 Degrees Celsius

Humidity Settings

Fahrenheit (Your Choice)

High Limit 50 %

Low Limit 40 %

How to Configure

Firstly, go to "Configurations" from the "Settings" Mode of your qBiq view. From here, choose "Movement". We suggest turning movement off for this purpose because it will save battery.

Core Configuration
Every 4 hours, so you don't get aggravated but it will give you a periodic reminder that the levels are outside your preferred settings.
Report Interval: Report every 6 hours, to minimize battery usage. Your qBiq should last a couple of months before needing a recharge if its set this way.
Samples per Report: Feel free to sample the brightness while you are at it.

From there, choose these simple settings to monitor a door;

Movement Configuration
We suggest turning movement off, that is of course unless you want to monitor a door or a lock where the artwork is stored. Movement would help with securing valuables by allowing you to get a notification if tampered with.

With these settings, you'll get a notification every time someone opens your door.

If movement is set, qBiq will update itself every time you give your qBiq a shake.