qBiq makes life easier - especially for families looking to support and monitor the daily activities of a loved one who wishes to age in place.
Successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter, October 20th, 2017. Click here to visit the campaign page and to learn more about our project.

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What is qBiq?

qBiq is a one-inch Wi-Fi enabled cube that can monitor and send real-time data on almost any object, appliance, or living space – right to your smartphone or tablet. The qBiq app makes it easy to then share the data within a small group or family network - from practically anywhere in the world. With its unique sensor-based technology, the qBiq can measure and monitor many things around a home, including temperature and movement.


in refrigerators, above a stove, rooms, basements etc...



doors, windows, drawers, medicine cabinets, etc...

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